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Although the company was officially evolved into a partnership in 2014, the roots of its establishment and experience goes back to the beginning of 1990’s. Over the course of its evolution into a 20 people partnership, the office has strived to fulfill the need for a professional team of architects and engineers, capable of handling the growing need for the islands large scale design commissions. 


The success and the continuous growth of the company is rooted in its ability to understand the customer, the design problem and come up with original design solutions deriving from the context of place, people, climate, design program.


More than the awards and competition winning entries, the office is well known for its scale and innovative communal shared model of office structure, giving ownership to all its people. This model and the sprit created by it, is one of the inherent core of success it has achieved through several original designs completed and under construction throughout the island. 


Without being restricted with a design style, every project is handled with a design philosophy to set the standards of original designs, innovative solutions, contextual perfections. Works include; residential housing, educational buildings, hotels, hospitals, theatre halls, offices and mixed use developments.

Studio14 Architects

Ali Kaptan  Architect

Behiye Ağaoğlu  Architect

Burcu Topçu Vaiz  Architect / Office Coordinator

Dilber Nergüz Officeperson

Elvan Şenkayalar Architect / Team Coordinator

Emrah Acar  Architect / Team Coordinator

Eylül Aksoy Interior Architect

Fevzi Özersay PhD. M.Arch Architect / Director

Fırat Kandemir Civil Engineer

Furkan Öncü Interior Architect + Architect

Habibe Çelikesmer  Architect

Hüseyin Önöz Architect / Site Controller

Kayra Songur  Architect

Müjde Altıparmak  Draftperson

Nevzat Öksüzoğluları Architect / Team Coordinator

Servet Soydam  Architect

Tanur Sıddık Kondoz  Architect

Ümmü Özkılıçlar Architect

Ufuk Tip  Civil Engineer / Team Coordinator

Yağmur Yıldızdağ Civil Engineer

Yeliz Soydam  Architect

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